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campaign news and events
special announcement r.e. 'Peace not War CD' and London benefit gig - tonight! Thursday 28 Nov!
stwc appeal

1) events:

After the historic demonstration in London on the 28th September 2002 (400,000 march 'Don't Attack Iraq' 'Freedom for Palestine'). StWC activists called for a day of mass action on Halloween night (Oct 31st 2002 'Cast a spell on Bush and Blair').

The day was a tremendous success - with events organised all over the country - see for photos and reports.

In Florence, as part of the European Social Forum, thousands of British anti-war activists joined in a million strong anti-war demonstration on November 9th.

Stop the War Coalition is calling for action up and down the country over the coming crucial months. We are also building for a mass demonstration in central London on February 15th 2003. (Demonstrations will also be held in throughout Europe on that day).

StWC can put you in contact with your local UK group, we can offer support for anti-war activity by supplying literature, leaflets, posters, stickers, badges, providing speakers for meetings etc. If you would like to know more about how you can get involved - contact the office on

BE A WEAPON INSPECTOR FOR THE DAY - UK StWC groups around the country who have a military base in their region are organising visits to that base. (guidelines below)

Dress as weapons inspectors (white coats, thick glasses and clip boards)
• March to base
• On arrival ask to inspect their weapons of mass destruction as per the UN Resolution
• Invite local press – newspaper/radio and TV
• Take photos and send back to Stop The War Office with any press clippings

MASS XMAS CARD SIGNING ON 14TH DECEMBER 2002 - As the 'season of goodwill' approaches, UK StWC groups are organising giant Xmas card signings in the run up to the 14th, in schools, colleges, workplaces, with the aim of taking them to local shopping centres etc for mass signature gathering on Dec. 14th... (cards have Don’t Attack Iraq on the front and Give Peace A Chance on the back). We aim to get as many people as possible to sign the cards, which should then be returned to the office in order to hand in to Tony Blair c/o No. 10 Downing Street. All cards 50p each (A2 size) please e-mail in your order asap.

21st January: StWC is supporting CND in their call for a mass lobby outside Parliament (see website for details).

15th February: Mass demonstration, Central London, called by Stop the War Coalition

ALERT: If war begins before that date there will be a demonstration in Central London on the first Saturday after they drop their first bomb.

2) Special Announcement: 'Peace not War CD'



The much anticipated 'Peace not War CD' is being rushed through production for nationwide release on Monday 9th December from HMV, Virgin, MVC, and interesting record stores throughout the UK. ADVANCE COPIES of the compilation will be available to buy for L15 at the Stop the War Coalition's gig on Thursday 28th November at the London SCALA.

Local Stop the War groups will also be given the opportunity to sell the double album throughout the UK. Releases will soon follow in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada (watch out for announcements on the website). In all cases the proceeds from selling the compilation will go to the Stop the War Coalition and equivalent organisations internationally, to fund their protests, educational and musical events. You will soon be able to hear some of the music on the "Peace Not War" website ( and also check out images, more info, and links to your local peace group.


CD 1
1. Ani Difranco "Self Evident"
2. Public Enemy "Son of a Bush"
3. Midnight Oil "US Forces"
4. DJ DisOrientalist "Occident & Emergency"
5. Ginger Tom "Hey Hey USA"
6. Seize The Day "United States"
7. Fun<da>mental "Rape (Tactic of War)"
8. The Unpeople (John Pilger remix) "The Unpeople"
9. Crass "Nagasaki Nightmare"
10. Slovo "21 Today"
11. The Mark of Cain "Lone Pine"
12. Change "We Want A Ceasefire"
13. Billy Bragg "The Price of Oil"
14. Massive Attack "Hymn of the Big Wheel"

CD 2
1. Ms Dynamite "Watch Over Them"
2. GM Babyz "Pain of Life"
3. Roots Manuva "Juggle Tings Proper"
4. Chumbawamba "Jacob's Ladder (Not In My Name)" (Acoustic Mix)
5. Alabama 3 "Woody Guthrie"
6. Laszlo Beckett "What To Do"
7. Torben & Joe "Money is Your Blood"
8. Gurlfiend "Spark of Life"
9. Tariq Ali (Asian Dub Foundation remix) "Not In Our Name"
10. Persian Carpets "Allah Save Queens"
11. Mud Family "Peace Not War"
12. John Lester "Out of the Clear Blue Sky"
13. Pok & the Spacegoats "Voices of a Future"
14. Nitin Sawhney "Cold and Intimate"
15. Coldcut "Atomic Moog" (Cornelius Mix)
16. Sia "Fear"
17. Bindi Blacher "Down"

If you want to be one of the first to hear this inspiring double album, head down to the SCALA, (275 Pentonville Rd, Kings Cross, London, N1) 8pm- 2am Thursday 28th November. Tickets are L10, Students (NUS) L5 before 10, Firefighters: free all night

Line-up includes: Bobby Friction (Shaanti/Radio 1), Pandit G / Asian Dub Foundation DJs & MCs, Fun<da>mental DJs & MCs, Mud Family, Panjabi Hit Squad, Motiv, Pok Spacegoat + special guests


We hope to see you there. Peace, "Peace Not War" Compilation CD team,

3) StWC appeal

We urgently need your generous contributions to help us continue to campaign against Bush and Blair's war on the innocent people of Iraq and to effectively mobilise for what we hope will be the biggest demonstration yet (15 Feb). PLEASE fill out a standing order to the StWC (download from website: ), in order for us to continue working for peace. Cheque/Postal order donations should be made payable to the 'stop the war coalition' PO Box 3739, London E5 8EJ.

Stop the War Coalition is a voluntary organisation, funded entirely by public donations. For more information regarding our organisation - or if you would like to contribute/need support in your area, please contact the office.

Thank you.